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Make the most of the Lecrin Valley’s extended summer!

New post on The Lecrin Valley website…
Feeling Autumny? Get out to The Lecrin Valley where it’s still summer! #thelecrinvalley #autumnbreaks

The Lecrin Valley

The weather may have turned a bit chilly and autumnal in the UK this week, but not so in the Lecrin Valley, where the sunshine persists to provide lovely late summer weather, well into October and beyond.

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5 Minutes with…Imelda Burke

New post on Ere Perez Blog… 5 minutes with Imelda Burke, inspirational natural beauty devotee and founder of Content Beauty & Wellbeing.


Ere Perez Naturally Beautiful

Imelda Burke is the founder of UK-based natural cosmetics retailer, Content Beauty & Wellbeing.  Originally from New Zealand, now resident in the UK, she has become one of the most influential people in natural beauty.

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You never forget your first book

My daughter has “discovered” reading. She has found her “first book”. The book in question is Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella). It’s not a literary classic, but a good read, an engaging novel and my daughter loves it, because she loves anything to do with Zoella.

When I say she’s discovered, I don’t mean she’s just started reading.  She’s 11 – and she’s never had problems with reading either, BUT she’s never engaged. She’s never been even remotely interested or excited about reading…until now.

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No time for downtime in skin treatments

In an era where time is of the essence, when we expect fast results and minimum upset, we are now turning to non-surgical skin treatments that give the best results in the shortest time possible. We don’t have time for recovery. We want great results, now!

“There is definitely a big shift away from treatments that require ‘downtime’,” says Jodie King, Australian skin expert and founder of Blyss Skin Clinic in Sydney.   Continue reading “No time for downtime in skin treatments”

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Zara D’Cotta: Six reasons to eat with seasons

Zara D’Cotta started OhMyGoodness (OMG) following her breast cancer diagnosis just before her 30th birthday. This life-changing experience inspired her to take a leap of faith and leave her career in corporate communications to combine her passion for health and wellbeing with her love of storytelling.

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Inspirational Woman: Olivia Wollenberg

Olivia Wollenberg is a British foodie blogger, best-selling author and super force behind Livia’s Kitchen. Having been diagnosed with severe food intolerances, Olivia turned her desire for “free from” sweet treats into a hugely popular brand of healthy treats and desserts with a twist. She tells us what inspires her, how she stays healthy and what’s next for Livia’s Kitchen.  Continue reading “Inspirational Woman: Olivia Wollenberg”

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Tips for Grandparents: making the most of video calls!

For many grandparents with grandchildren living too far away for Sunday lunch or weekly tea time, a weekly, fortnightly or monthly video call with the grandchildren is the most likely contact.

With mobile technology and the internet, it’s easy and cheap to have regular catch ups via Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook video call, so it’s pretty easy to stay in touch and feel like you’re a virtual part of your grandchildren’s lives, even if you’re not physically nearby.

Sometimes, however, calls and video calls can be quite hard – for both parties – and you might need a little help making the most of those precious catch-ups. Continue reading “Tips for Grandparents: making the most of video calls!”