Translation / Editing Services

Lots of small businesses need to provide information in different languages, whether it’s website content, menus, blog posts, legal documents, brochures or other marketing material.

Many will choose Google Translate but this can often offer some pretty interesting translations…!

I offer translation and proof-reading help to ensure your translation from French and Spanish into English makes perfect sense!

Even if your English is pretty good, there’s just no substitute for a native speaker’s input, because many phrases simply don’t translate or sound right in English.

I have lived in both Spain and France and have seen some hilarious translations on menus, brochures and marketing documents, which immediately means you take the business less seriously.

I already translate and edit copy for clients in Spain and am happy to provide translation and checking services for all types of documents, blogs and websites.

So, if you’re translating marketing material, a blog post, legal papers or website content from Spanish or French to English, then please feel free to contact me!  

I am happy to proof-read and edit existing translated text, as well as translate from scratch.

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