Delay Tactics: The creative ways by which children try to delay bed time!

Delay tactics - CareforKids.comMy daughter has always been a great one for delay tactics. For everything. Her favourite and most used word is actually, “wait”! It really is. She uses it as a general punctuation now without even thinking.

Children learn the art of delaying very early on; around about the same time they learn to play their parents off one another and get their certificate in advanced negotiation skills.

They do it before they can even talk. And as they get older, their excuses and reasons for one more minute get more and more creative. These are some of my current favourites:

  1. Wait, I need to brush my hair (never brushes it during the day).
  2. I haven’t brushed my teeth (yes, you have).
  3. Can you stroke my back/head for a few minutes?
  4. I haven’t got any water/my water doesn’t taste nice.
  5. Could I have a hot chocolate/milk & honey?
  6. Can you get me the cat?
  7. The cat’s annoying me – I can’t sleep.
  8. I just need to do 5 more handstands.
  9. I haven’t done my homework.
  10. I need to go to the loo (again).
  11. Can I just watch until the end of the episode?
  12. I feel sick (usually a strategic plant for not wanting to go to school the next day).
  13. There’s a fly in my room.
  14. I need to charge up my DS.
  15. My foot’s itchy, have you got any cream?
  16. My Band Aid’s come off my verruca, can you get another one.
  17. My pyjama bottoms have gone up my leg. Can you come and pull them down?
  18. My legs feel funny. I can’t sleep.
  19. I’m too hot/too cold.
  20. It’s too light/too dark.
  21. The TV’s too loud – I can’t sleep.
  22. Can you turn up the sound on the TV – it helps me sleep.
  23. Can I read you one more chapter?
  24. Can you read me one more chapter?
  25. I can’t stop thinking about Tsunamis.
  26. I need to get my special pillow.
  27. These pyjamas are too tight. I need to change.
  28. Can I just go and say good night (again) to the kittens?
  29. Mum what happens when you die?
  30. “Wait! Oh, wait, I’ve forgotten what I was going to say…”.

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