Ere Perez now has a brand new collection of Eco Vegan brushes!

These new brushes are so unbelievably soft you’ll just want to sit and brush your face with them all day!! Of course they’re all still of the highest professional standard, using natural, supersoft and cruelty free materials, but they’re now vegan and include a brand new Multipurpose Flat Head Brush, especially designed to apply our creamy multi-tasking cheek and lip products, foundation and highlighters.

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Natural, supersoft, vegan and certified Cruelty Free, we use biodegradable materials, such as corn resin (instead of plastic) for the handles and the hair is now made from super silky nylon, rather than animal hair. The synthetic hair is particularly good for sensitive skin and is much more economical with the makeup itself, wasting a lot less than more porous animal hair.

All these fab new brushes are designed to be super easy to work with as well as to achieve the best results possible: They are are tapered and textured to provide great coverage and softness and designed to give all users the tools to create a perfect look with the minimum makeup know-how!

The handles are much longer lasting than wood handles and should be cleaned with a mild hair shampoo for hygiene when necessary.

The new brushes include:

ECO VEGAN MULTIPURPOSE BRUSH – This is an absolute brush winner and will become a makeup bag essential! Designed to give the best application for all creamy products, it’s perfect for Ere Perez Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balms, Versatile Vanilla Highlighters and the Oat Milk Foundation. RRP AUD $32.95

ECO VEGAN CONCEALER AND LIP BRUSH – The tool that makeup artists rely on, this is the essential vegan and eco cover-up brush for Arnica Concealer and Oat Milk Foundation. Two brushes in one, it’s perfect for touching up and creating flawless skin. The larger brush end has a wide, flat surface, ideal for disguising red cheeks, broken capillaries, sunspots or any areas of discolouration. Use the smaller, defined end to apply directly to spots, breakouts and over delicate areas, such as the rim of the eye or for lipstick application. AUD $29.95

ECO VEGAN EYE BRUSH – The beautiful dual purpose, two-ended vegan eye brush has a fine tapered end to apply fine lines to create more of an eyeliner look. It can be used wet with our Creative Chamomile Eye Shadow Duo colours to give a more precise eye colour, while the fatter, rounder end is perfect for smudging and blending. AUD $29.95

ECO VEGAN POWDER BRUSH – Look no further than this brush to use with all Ere Perez natural Pure Rice Powders. With full, round bristles for smooth application, it feels amazingly soft on the skin, to the point you might get stuck in front of the mirror just brushing your face for hours. AUD $33.95

MEDIA CONTACT: Sophie Cross @ PRChicks

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