Give a homewares gift with a conscience

Elegant, unique and eco friendly homewares gifts don’t need to cost the Earth. If you’re stuck for ideas this Christmas, Eco Chic, the online homewares and furniture emporium for the eco stylish, has some really beautiful ideas for the perfect gift with a conscience.

Handmade Istanbul and Agate Coasters

Coasters are a brilliant way to add a bit of colour and style to a room in a very subtle way. They’re also a must have if you want to avoid marking your beautiful furniture.

The Ististanbul_Coastersanbul coaster collection will add a splash of divine international charm to your table. Craftsmen make these beautifully colourful, handmade coasters from tumbled limestone, using designs from ancient Turkish frescoes, transferred onto each piece by hand – which means each coaster is unique. To protect your furniture, the bottoms of these pieces have cork backing. They’re heat resistant and can be easily wiped clean.

Each coaster is 10cm x 10cm. $90 set of 4.

agate_coastersThe Agate coaster collection is perfect for dad’s den or a modern city pad. Add a splash of organic style with these unique hand-cut coasters, cut from slices natural Geodes (spherical rocks). Agate is a variety of silica, characterised by its fineness of grain and brightness of color, usually found in volcanic rocks.

The bottoms of these pieces have soft bumpers so they will stay in place and not scratch. There are two different colours: Grey with natural edges or Charcoal with 18 carat gold edging for a bit of extra bling!

Each Agate coaster averages 8-10cm diameter – all are different. $120 for set of 4.

mariposa_Bone_picture_frameNew Eco Chic Beautiful Bone Photo Frames

Get into an eco frame of mind this Christmas with our new 2015 collection of beautiful frames made from intricately hand-worked bone. While some may associate bone with outlawed hunting practices, our bone frames are hand made from genuine cow bone that is an abundant by-product of the cattle trade and encourages use of the entire animal product.

The bone is lovingly hand-worked by skilled craftsmen who carve and hand-dye the bone to create the most gorgeously coloured, individual designs, which will provide a wonderful home for your photos, while adding colour and style to your home. Given their handcrafted nature, each frame is unique.

Eco Chic features many furnishings that are handmade by artisans and craftsmen, which provides the dual benefit of creating jobs for people (not machines) and promotes historical and cultural handicraft techniques.

Holds a 4″x 6″ photo. Overall dimensions are 17 x 23cm. $80

histoire_soap_dispensers. Soap Dispensers Give a Stylish Twist to Christmas Toiletries!

Ceramic is an ancient and eco friendly process that utilizes readily available and renewable resources like clay and people have been creating both practical and ornamental homewares from it since time immemorial.  Eco Chic’s beautifully decorated French style ceramic soap dispensers are both practical and ornamental. Handmade, handpainted and fired these beautiful soap vessels will add a little je ne sais quoi to every bathroom!

Pretty, practical and easy to use – add a fresh, floral fragranced soap to complete the effect and you have a very stylish take on the “Christmas toiletries” theme. Perfect for mums, grannies, aunties and friends.

Soap Dispenser Size: 11cm wide x 6cm deep x 23cm high. $70

custom_pet_cushions_lrPicture Your Own Pet Cushions!

The next best thing to snuggling up to your furry friend, these cushions feature your very own pet on a handmade, natural linen cushion that comes with an insert fill made from recycled PET (geddit?!) drink bottles.

These cushions make the perfect gift for anyone who loves their pets as much as the Eco Chic team, whose sample cushion is in memory of Bess. And for any cushion you order, Eco Chic will donate $10 to the Animal Welfare League.  We’re keepin’ it Furry, friends.

Just send in your high res image and Eco Chic will make a custom cushion you will treasure forever. Shipping Time.  Approx 3-4wks; Accent Cushion Size: 40cm x 40 cm.

For more information and to view everything in store at Eco Chic, go to



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