Wild About Wicker!

Get this fabulously fun and fruity look with dip-coloured wicker pendant lights

dipped_basket_pendantsA lot of crafty seventies interiors trends are making a comeback at the moment and at Eco Chic we’re wild about wicker!  One of our obsessions is pendant lights.  In a kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway, kids room…we can’t get enough of them, so combining pendants with a fun take on retro wicker is win-win in our book!

These wicker style rattan baskets have been cleverly “upcycled” into warm and textural pendant lights and come in a delicious assortment of dipped colours to put a little bit of colour and personality into your home.

_U6C3664The fun and fruity pendants belong anywhere from the dining room to the children’s room. We put the Citron in TV presenter, Shelley Craft’s dining room, to give it that extra special touch of zesty life for her Byron home.

As far as its eco credentials are concerned, Rattan is a fast growing and renewable resource that requires no pesticides or fertilizers. In forests where rattan grows, its economic value can help protect forest land, by providing an alternative to loggers who forgo timber logging and harvest rattan canes instead.

Rattan is readily harvested with simple tools, transports easily and grows much faster than most tropical wood.

These pendants come in an array of colours, painted to order. The ceiling fitting is black but can be ordered in silver for an extra AU$50.

Small Pendant (as seen in pictures): 30cm diam x 42cm high AU$330
Large Pendant: 45cm diam x 60cm high AU$440

dipped basket pendant light whiteWhite dipped basket pendant ligh blackBlack dipped basket pendant ligh emeraldEmerald
dipped basket pendant ligh navyNavy dipped basket pendant ligh peachPeach dipped basket pendant light aquaAqua
dipped basket pendant ligh pinkPink dipped basket pendant light citronCitron dipped basket pendant ligh redRed
dipped basket pendant light greyGrey

For many other pendant lights and wicker/rattan homewares, go to http://www.ecochic.com.au.


Media enquiries only for high res photography, pricing and other information, please contact Sophie @ PRChicks. sophie@prchicks.com.au.

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