Could direct selling alleviate your child care headache?

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A recent news story on the USA’s Today Show revealed how party plan and direct selling is skyrocketing with the advent of social media and giving mums the opportunity to create an at-home direct sales business and make big bucks.

Scott Morrison’s new families package is likely to throw part-time working mums into a spin in terms of child care subsidy, with a minimum working hour requirement to get any sort of rebate.

So many mothers are now looking for alternative, home-based arrangements that allow them the flexibility to work, while also being at home with the kids. Direct Selling is one of the most popular solutions.

And with ever increasing child care costs and lack of places, many mums are simply unable to go back to their previous employment and looking for alternative opportunities. Direct selling (which incorporates Party Plan) offer mums huge flexibility and financial opportunity while reducing…

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