Give your skin some Aussie colour this Winter! 

There’s nothing like giving your skin a little summer glow to make you feel perkier and healthier. While summer holidays may seem a distant memory as we hurtle towards winter, you can still achieve a fabulous all-year-round Aussie glow with Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics. 

We’re all about a natural look. Forget about fake tan, spray tan or overly dark foundation, give yourself a subtle, shimmery summer glow that makes you look healthy and naturally sun-kissed, rather than orange and fake!

  1. Ere Perez Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balm in Healthy –  Apply with the fingers to cheeks, lips and eyelids/brow bones for a lovely light and creamy base colour.
  2. Ere Perez Versatile Vanilla Highlighter in Sun Halo – Easily applied with the fingers (your hand’s warmth warms the highlighter and makes it softer to use and easier to apply) simply rub some of this amazing smelling highlighter onto your cheekbones, brow bone and lids for a gorgeous shimmery glow.
  3. Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder in Bronze Tones, My Blush or Bondi Blush– With our Eco Vegan Powder Brush or Multi Purpose Brush, give your face a light dusting.  With darker shades don’t forget to dust into the hairline and past the jaw so you don’t get a tide mark…!
  • Bronze Tones – best used for those with an existing tan or darker, more olive toned skin. Also great as a contour powder for darker skin tones.
  • My Blush – the perfect blush for all skin tones. It’s dark pink/nude brown colour is perfect for a naturally tanned look for all skin types. Also great as a contour powder for fair or medium skin tones.
  • Bondi Blush – perfect for lighter skin tones. Its gorgeous coral pink colour gives the appearance of just coming in from a day on our amazing Bondi Beach!
  1. Clear Gel Mascara – Use this to tidy brows or for a beautiful no-mascara look that still accentuates your eyes.
  2. Natural Almond Oil Mascara – Apply liberally for a healthy, full-lashed, nourished look to really make the most of your eyes’ natural beauty.
  3. Real Rosehip Oil Lipbar – For a glossy, moisturised finish to your lips, apply this gorgeous balm/lipstick hybrid in natural pinky/brown NUDE or LIFE for a rosier tint.

Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics is available in Europe from Naturisimo, Content Beauty, LoveLula and Amazon UK

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