Be healthy, be happy and ditch the crap for 2017!

New Year’s resolution time and rather than decide to go on a faddy diet, start some unachievable exercise regime or give yourself overly difficult tasks, why not just try to ditch the crap as much as you can?  Get rid of toxins in all parts of your life to cleanse your body and soul!

Here are some easy ways to make your daily life as non-toxic as possible:

  1. Food – go back to basics. You’ll find you lose weight and feel healthier anyway, just because you eat less fats, preservatives and hidden sugars.
  • Cook your own meats and slice to keep for lunches; make your own soups, cakes and treats instead of buying them
  • Choose unpackaged vegetables and meats; juice your own fruit instead of buying cartons (you can dilute them with water). It’s easy, probably less expensive and you know what you’re putting in your body.  You’ll also get a lot better at cooking and baking!
  • *added bonus – you’ll also create a lot less packaging waste.

2. Ditch toxins from your beauty regime – Give you bathroom, toiletries and makeup a detox.

  • Use natural makeup. Your skin is your biggest organ and absorbs all the crap you put on it. Less is more. Buy fewer, quality natural makeup products instead of loads of cheap chemical ones.
  • You can easily make masks, face creams, bath products and all sorts of beauty treatments using natural ingredients found in your kitchen, like fruit, oils, rice, oats, honey etc. Nature already has the best skin care and beauty products. You don’t need to buy them.

3. Lose the toxic people from your life – there’s nothing worse than people who pull you down and bring negativity to your life. You don’t need them.

4. Do more of what makes YOU happy. Walking, running, going to the cinema, reading, spending time with friends, or sleeping! It’s all good.  Be happy.

5. Put on your walking shoes. You don’t have to turn into a gym bunny or run 10K a day, but try to get out in the fresh air every day for a brisk walk for 30 minutes and you’ll feel a lot better for it.   It gets your blood pumping, your metabolism going and clears the mind.

Have a very happy, healthy and non-toxic 2017!

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